$59,669.00 Euro Plus Optional Extras

The EuroFOX is a real aircraft in every respect. It is joy to fly and own, extremely comfortable with responsive, coordinated controls which immerse the pilot in the pleasure of flight. With class leading visibility, the EuroFOX provides true agility and tremendous satisfaction for the pilot and passenger. Available with the world's leading aero engine for all LSA aircraft, the Rotax 912 series.

Since its introduction to the UK in 2010, the quality EuroFOX has quickly established itself as the quality benchmark for the UK light sport aviation industry. Leading the way with innovations such as glider towing, where others now aspire to follow and try to emulate.

Available as a nose wheel or tail wheel configuration, the EuroFOX is a factory finished aircraft of superb quality, in a fast and easy assembly kit. No other UK kit can offer such a quality factory finish as the EuroFOX. Reputed to be one of the fastest kit assemblies in the UK, the aircraft is particularly suited to first timers or those in a hurry to get airborne. The EuroFOX Microlight is now available as a UK factory built aircraft in nose or tail wheel, 450 kg or 472 kg MTOW.

The aircraft is a high wing STOL aircraft with class leading handling, specification, payload and performance that cannot be matched by its direct competitors. Having the widest undercarriage in class, constructed in robust GRP, the aircraft is proven over decades with almost half a million landings. The EuroFOX is a real fun and engaging aircraft capable of operating from the shortest and roughest strips, whilst efficiently cruising at 100 knots.

As a NON EASA annex II aircraft operating on a LAA or BMAA permit to fly, the EuroFOX offers owners real versatility, usability and flexibility. The EuroFOX is fully approved at 560kgs max all up weight and for microlights at 450 kg or 472.5 kg. All aircraft have the genuinely quick and easy single handed wing fold as standard.
Price quoted as Base cost in Euro 59,669 + Optional Extras, Ex-Factory, Call for details